Becoming Partner

Sponsorship in motor racing is the winning choice for many firms eager for strong, dynamic and competitive promotion of their brand and image. Competition, technical challenges, passion: these are the elements that have always made motor racing a thrilling sport. Speed, courage and determination are the essential components of success. The widespread popularity of motor sports and their visibility via the local and international media are key attractions for those investing and represent a huge motive for sponsorship. By supporting the young driver Alex Fontana your company will be involved in a marketing operation that will without doubt be viewed extremely positively as it associates your name with that of an up and coming driver who thanks to his communicativeness, visibility and appeal guarantees the direct transmission of your message and image to a broad range of potential clients. Your company will, in short, be associated with a vital young man, and the young are of course our future.

There are opportunities for sponsorship on the car, on the motorhome, on the team’s structures and clothing as well as directly on the driver’s suit and helmet.

On request, the driver will be available to attend events and shows.