And so the 2014 season draws to a close too


As incredible as it might seem it’s true. This year has flown by and race by race we’ve arrived at the end. It hasn’t gone exactly to plan with an 11th place overall in the championship. In the first part of the season I made a few too many mistakes at the start for which we paid a heavy price. Over the course of the season I had three different engineers. A highly unusual situation we reached as we looked for a way of kick-starting a season that had got off to a limping start. Over the last four races we achieved two podium finishes, two fastest laps and excellent performances in practice.  We were able to show that the speed is there, as also demonstrated in the single World Series test I participated in. At Abu Dhabi after the 6th place in Race 1, I could certainly have got something more out of Race 2 had it not been for the latest incident in which I've been involved this year. It was a shame because the car was perfect, as shown by the fastest lap I set during the race. For this I’d like to thank ART Grand Prix which over the season has provided me with a consistently excellent car and fantastic support. Thanks also to the Lotus F1 Junior Team for their fundamental backing and thanks to all of you for the unconditional support you have given me again this year irrespective of how the races went. Really, thanks so much. 

I’m now heading back to Switzerland, leaving my little English house for a month's military service. See you at the weekends!