Hungarian GP: damned red flag


After having been shown the red flag just one corner before the finish line on a lap that would have given me pole postion, had I got out of the car in that moment I would have probably raged at anyone I found in front of me.

Fortunately for all those innocent parties present at the Hungarian Grand Prix I remained strapped into my car ready to tackle a last desparate lap on worn tyres before the checquered flag was shown. A lap that saw me set the fastest time overall in the first sector and to move up a few places on the grid.

I don't feel like adding much else after the weekend I've just had if not that had I been able to complete that lap the races would have gone very differently. Now, after two months in England and four races I'm going home for a few days to see half my family and then heading to Greece for a week to see the other half.

As for pole position... we'll see at Spa-Francorchamps.