Fighting back


Races at Spa never fail to provide to provide plenty of thrills. Whatever the category I’ve raced in I’ve always come home with some great memories.

We got back to Lugano with smiles on our faces this time too, even though the weekend didn’t exactly start off the way we hoped.

Due to a set-up problem that caused my car to ground regularly on the straights we lost half a second a lap in qualifying which threw us back into 18th place. 

Starting from so far back on the grid on a beautiful sunny day seemed to suggest that it would be impossible to recover and yet I eventually finished 10th after a chaotic race which even saw me losing three places after having to take to the grass to avoid the accident between two of my rivals.

In the second race on the Sunday I started from 10th place on the grid that made for a whole different ball game. Thanks to a good start and by exploiting the chaos of the early laps and the Safety Car restarts I managed to grab 6th place and a few more points.

Despite the avoidable error in qualifying progress has been made with the team in the search for qualifying speed and we’re ready to go again at the next race.

At Spa I had the pleasure of the company of Matteo Della Pietra and Renzo Gregori and for the first time Edy Amonini too, who together with my dad made for a great weekend. 

The next race will be on the 5th and 6th of September at Monza, our home circuit. 

Loads of fans have already signed up for the trip organized by our fan club and the ACS to come to see the race... I'll be waiting for you all and I'll be sure to come and say hello in the stands!