Season’s end in sight


I’ll shortly be leaving for the United Arab Emirates where the last round of the GP3 Series is due to be held in parallel with the F1 Grand Prix. 

The Abu Dhabi circuit will be a whole new experience for me, but I’ve always wanted to race there. I’ve seen the races on television and the circuit looks like great fun, alternating broad, open curves and straights with tighter, street circuit sections featuring close-set walls. 

This is the first race outside Europe for the GP3 Series. It’s the last chance we’ll have of obtaining further good results before the end of the season and I’ll be working to put into practice what I’ve learnt about the circuit on the simulator over the last few weeks. We’ve decided to take advantage of the opportunity to leave a few days early and relax for a while in Dubai at the end of which has been a pretty intensive season.

As this is our longest trip of the year, my long-suffering father will finally be able to enjoy a few days’ holiday, his first break of the year. I think we all agree he deserves it! My sister Eleonora will be alongside me in the paddock for the first time this year and I’d really like to thank her and all the other faithful followers who will be joining us.  To all the others: stay tuned!